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Throwouts - Discography

Everything started in 2001, then still under the name HUNGRY. After a demo and the debut album "Bad Times for being right", the band became established in the regional music scene. In 2005 the second album "Beats from the inside" was released. It was followed by extended concerts with bands like the REAL McKENZIES, the CASUALTIES, DEATH BY STEREO and many more.
Although the band never broke up in fact, nevertheless, it came in the course of time to a few line changes. At the latest with the entry of the new singer Chris, the style of the band changed significantly.
The new songs were much straighter and refined with catchy melodies and hooklines to mitgrolen. Lyrically, they returned to the roots of the band members who have been in the punk and streetpunk scene for years.
Thus, especially personal observations of the society and also the own scene as well as the experiences gained there moved into the focus. Of course, the guys forget the fun of the matter in all criticism. An unmistakable sense of humor and irony resonates in the songs of course.