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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком Sweden. Показать все сообщения


Bash Brothers - 2019 - Downhearted

Artist: Bash Brothers
Album: Downhearted
Genre: Melodic Hardcore / Skate Punk
Year: 2019
Country: Sweden, Jonkoping


Psychotic Youth - 2019 - 21

Artist: Psychotic Youth
Album: 21
Genre: Punk Rock / Post-Punk
Year: 2019
Country: Sweden, Goteborg


Lapdog - Discography

Band started out in 1992, started to slowly build a fanbase in Umea. Ampersand records released the "knight for a day" EP back in 1995, They also appeared on the cd/compilation "Salmons of hort" with other bands like Millencolin, Stoned and more.


Perkele - 2019 - Leaders Of Tomorrow

Artist: Perkele
Album: Leaders Of Tomorrow
Genre: Oi! Punk
Year: 2019
Country: Sweden, Goteborg


Absolute Bastards - 2018 - XII

Artist: Absolute Bastards
Album: XII
Genre: Crust Punk
Year: 2018
Country: Sweden, Stockholm


No Fun At All - 2018 - Grit

Artist: No Fun At All
Album: Grit
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2018
Country: Sweden, Fagersta


Friday Prophets - 2018 - In The Key Of Sublimation

Artist: Friday Prophets
Album: In the Key Of Sublimation
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2018
Label: Holy Howl Records
Country: Sweden, Stockholm


Millencolin - Live in Warped Tour, Panama City, FL 04.08.1997

01. Story of My Life
02. Olympic
03. Puzzle
04. Move Your Car
05. Twenty Two
06. Killercrush
07. Lozin' Must
08. Random I Am
09. Da Strike
10. Bullion


Satanic Surfers - 2018 - Back From Hell

Artist: Satanic Surfers
Album: Back From Hell
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2018
Label: Mondo Macabre Records
Country: Sweden, Malmo


Atlas Losing Grip - Discography

Atlas Losing Grip have successfully merged melodic punk rock with the grandeur and power of heavy metal. The January 2015 release of “Currents,” the band’s third full-length, marks a ten year anniversary since the start in Lund, a city that has played an important role for the melodic Swedish punk rock heritage, with Bad Taste Records and bands such as Satanic Surfers and Astream.
Indeed, after the debut record “Shut The World Out” in 2008, Atlas Losing Grip recruited Rodrigo Alfaro, the legendary singer of Satanic Surfers. In 2009, Rodrigo’s unmistakable voice, stronger and more confident than ever, was heard on the mini-cd and 10” vinyl record Watching The Horizon.
Atlas Losing Grip had taken giant steps forward, and on top of it all added one of the genre’s best vocalists. Frequent European tours began, as Atlas night after night proved themselves in front of club and festival audiences. Even so, few could imagine the magnitude of what the five-piece had been working on in between tours and opening up for bands such as Bad Religion. In 2011, Atlas Losing Grip finally revealed “State Of Unrest” as their second album. What “Watching The Horizon” had hinted on came in full bloom as Atlas unbuckled and stepped on the gas pedal.