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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком Spain. Показать все сообщения


La Curva - 2019 - Umbral

Genre: Ska / Reggae
Year: 2019
Country: Spain, Los Molinos


Milenrama - Discography

Milenrama was born in 2007 in Sarria de Ter (Girona). On March 10, 2011, they released their debut album under the name CULTURE OF AUTOENGANO with the support of Sarna Social, Rilrec Punkrock Indie Label and Harakiri Distro. On April 29, 2012 they release their first video clip, having chosen for the occasion, the theme "Culture of self-deception". The video is made by Pau Munoz. During 2011 and until 2013, Milenrama presents the album for Spain and Germany, visiting Germanic lands on two occasions with a total of 29 concerts divided into two tours of 11 and 18 days respectively.



Ignotus - 2018 - Desconocidos

Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2018
Country: Spain, Madrid


Irauten - 2019 - Norabiderik Gabeko Bidea

Genre: Oi! Punk / Street Punk
Year: 2019
Country: Spain, Navarra


Desakato - Discography

Desakato has become one of the biggest references of Punk Rock and Hard-Core in the state. The band was born in 2004 in Llanera, a rural area of Asturies. After four discs, his album "Buen Viaje" begins to have a great recognition by the public and the media, which makes them become the cover of the national circulation magazine Rock Estatal and enter the circuit of macro Spanish festivals: Vina Rock, Resurrection Fest, Weekend Beach, Silver Cape, Faan Fest, Tsunami Xixon, Juerga's Rock, Rock Painter, Shikillo and many more.


Crap - 2019 - Nowhere Trip

Genre: Punk Rock / Oi! Punk
Year: 2019
Country: Spain, Arrasate


Vendetta - Discography

Vendetta was born in 2009 by Javier Etxeberria and Luisillo Kalandraka, musicians with a long professional career both nationally and internationally. Enrikko Rubinos, Ruben Anton, (musicians with whom they shared the stage in Skalariak) and Pello Reparaz joined the band in this new project.


13 Bats - 2018 - Next Move

Genre: Punk Rock / Psychobilly
Year: 2018
Country: Spain, Madrid



Bad Mongos - 2019 - Mongo Machine

Genre: Punk Rock / Punk 77
Year: 2019
Country: Spain, Palafrugell


Sin Dios - Discography

Sin Dios was a Hardcore / Anarcho Punk band from Spain that formed in 1988 in Madrid. Their first gigs were held in squatted houses (in Spanish Casa Okupa). In 1990 they released their first demo "Ni amo" which contained 13 tracks and took them to their first tour across Spain always playing within autonomous and libertarian surroundings.

Accidente - Discography

Punk Rock band with female vocals from Madrid, Spain.


Ultimo Rekurso - 2019 - Que Parezca Una Democracia

Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2018
Country: Spain, Sant Boi De Llobregat


Orreaga 778 - 2019 - Utrimque Roditur

Artist: Orreaga 778
Album: Utrimque Roditur
Year: 2019
Genre: Oi! Punk
Country: Spain, Hernani


Suma 0 - 2019 - Suma 0

Artist: Suma 0
Album: Suma 0
Year: 2019
Genre: Punk Rock
Country: Spain, Bilbao


Nucleo Terco - Discography

Nucleo Terco is a proletarian Rock / Oi! band. It has been active since 2002, the date on which "Directo from La Lavanderia" was recorded, recorded live at a social center in the neighborhood of Vallecas, in Madrid. The second album was also released in 2002 with the name of Stalingrad in 1943, followed by Abriendo Fuego, published in October 2003. In March 2008, the band's fourth album, entitled The Stake Commission, went on sale. At the end of 2012 they published two loose tracks on vinyl: "Comite de sangre de Vallekas" and "Leningrad rockers".