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Discharge - Discography

Formed in the late Seventies Discharge changed the face of punk – and indeed extreme music itself with their stunning ‘Realities Of War’ EP, a four-song outpouring of pure intensity that boiled punk down to its basic components of rage, frustration and violent rebellion. Discharge stumbled upon a sound that was so ugly, it was beautiful; so horrifying, it was irresistible and it ushered in a whole new wave of gnarlier, nastier UK punk, and ultimately paved the way for hardcore and thrash.

Nobodys - Discography

Mixing four-chord Ramones-inspired rock anthems with an unadulterated pornography fixation, the Nobodys have sprung forth from the fertile grounds of Colorado Springs to become the reigning Ron Jeremys of the punk rock world!

Stand Out Riot - Discography

Ska-Punk band from New Mills, Derbyshire, England.

Flash Gordon - Discography

Japanese Fastcore / Powerviolence band from Nisshin, Aichi.

Makewar - Discography

MakeWar is about a fight. A fight against ignorance. And laziness. A fight against your inner demons. A fight to stay conscious. So you can have one more drink with your friends. A fight to do what you want instead of what you’re suppose to. A fight that isn’t violent. Or full of hate.


Conflict (UK) - Discography

Conflict is an English anarcho-punk band originally based around Eltham in South London. Formed in 1981, the band's original line up consisted of: Colin Jerwood (vocals), Francisco 'Paco' Carreno (drums), Big John (bass guitar), Steve (guitars), Pauline (vocals), Paul aka 'Nihilistic Nobody' (visuals). Their first release was the EP "The House That Man Built" on Crass Records. By the time they released their first album, It's Time to See Who's Who, on Corpus Christi Records, Pauline and Paul had left the band. Conflict later set up its own Mortarhate Records label, which put out releases by other artists including Hagar the Womb, Icons of Filth, Lost Cherrees, The Apostles, Exitstance, Stalag 17, Admit You're Shit and Potential Threat.

Carry On - Discography

Carry On was a straight edge band from California who played aggressive Hardcore, along similar lines to Right Brigade and American Nightmare. They lived from 1996 to 2001. Their album "A Life Less Plagued" released on the prolific hardcore label, Bridge 9, is generally regarded as one of the finest hardcore albums of the millennium so far.

Faith - Discography

Band from Tokyo, Japan that plays punk rock with surf & hardcore influences.

Kreso I Kisele Kise - Discography

Kreso i Kisele Kise 2007 members of the demolished band "Bjuti Centar". The music that this cheerful group plays is part of punk / rock, with naughty texts "from the people". Most songs were written by Kresimir Buric, while the whole band took care of the arrangement. In 2009, the album was released "Not Yet late" and was released under the label Fat Brek.

Milenrama - Discography

Milenrama was born in 2007 in Sarria de Ter (Girona). On March 10, 2011, they released their debut album under the name CULTURE OF AUTOENGANO with the support of Sarna Social, Rilrec Punkrock Indie Label and Harakiri Distro. On April 29, 2012 they release their first video clip, having chosen for the occasion, the theme "Culture of self-deception". The video is made by Pau Munoz. During 2011 and until 2013, Milenrama presents the album for Spain and Germany, visiting Germanic lands on two occasions with a total of 29 concerts divided into two tours of 11 and 18 days respectively.


Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Discography

In 1978 the 17 year old punks Peter Bywaters and Del Strangefish founded PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES in the small town of Peacehaven near Brighton. After a couple of rehearsals they made their first recording ‘Elvis Is Dead’ which appeared on the Vaultage ‘78 compilation of Brighton new wave bands. Radio 1 DJ John Peel loved the song instantly and produced a John Peel session with the TEST TUBE BABIES. The success was breath taking and PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES became one of the hottest unsigned bands in the UK overnight.

Adhesive - Discography

Adhesive is a Swedish punk rock band that was active between 1994-2002 and reunited in 2017. Though Adhesive played the majority of their concerts in the band's native Sweden, they also toured throughout Europe and North America. All of the Adhesive back catalog is out of print.

Naft - Discography

Melodic Hardcore / Skate Punk band from Osaka, Japan. Formed in 2006.

Desakato - Discography

Desakato has become one of the biggest references of Punk Rock and Hard-Core in the state. The band was born in 2004 in Llanera, a rural area of Asturies. After four discs, his album "Buen Viaje" begins to have a great recognition by the public and the media, which makes them become the cover of the national circulation magazine Rock Estatal and enter the circuit of macro Spanish festivals: Vina Rock, Resurrection Fest, Weekend Beach, Silver Cape, Faan Fest, Tsunami Xixon, Juerga's Rock, Rock Painter, Shikillo and many more.

Nieviem - Discography

Nieviem (pronounced Nee-vee-em) are melodic skate punk band from Lincon UK formed in april 2016. The name is derived from polish language (Nie Wiem) and it means "I don't know". If you are a fan of Bad Religion, Pennywise, BigWig, Tsunami Bombs or Rise Against, this band is worth checking. Nieviem have performed with such bands as Clowns, Lineout, No Fun At All, Fair Do's, The Domestics, Grand Collapse. They have a strong collection of original music with varying topics from political and topical to just for fun.


Drunktank - Discography

Drunktank brings you fast, melodic, sing-along 90's skatepunk in the tradition of Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords and Burning Heart bands, combined with riffs and guitar harmonics from 80's metal. The Dutch skatepunkers started in 2003 and released 4 EP’s and one full-length album "The Infamous Four" (2010).

Copyrights - Discography

The Copyrights were formed in 2002 in Carbondale, Illinois. Before long, the punk scene was buzzing about these kids from southern Illinois redefining pop punk with fun lyrics, big hooks, and infectious choruses that you couldn't help but sing along with.

Vendetta - Discography

Vendetta was born in 2009 by Javier Etxeberria and Luisillo Kalandraka, musicians with a long professional career both nationally and internationally. Enrikko Rubinos, Ruben Anton, (musicians with whom they shared the stage in Skalariak) and Pello Reparaz joined the band in this new project.

Strike Twelve - Discography

Hailing from Temecula, CA, Strike Twelve got its official start in 2002 when it’s three founding members – Matty (guitar/vocals), Joey (bass/vocals), and Danny (drums) – were all in high school. Now, over 15 years and 250 shows later, these same three members are still going strong, joined intermittently by Joey’s younger and better looking brother Andy on second guitar.

Crass - Discography

Crass were an English anarcho-punk band, formed in 1977 and based around Dial House, an open house community near Epping, Essex, England, and disbanded in 1984.