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Bonecrusher - Discography

Genre: Oi! Punk / Street Punk
Country: USA, Huntington Beach, CA 

Back in 1992 the Crush formed from the ashes of Wolfpack - a OC punk outfit. Their early years turned heads, because in the true Crusher tradition, they did what they wanted, not what labels wanted; this gained them fans, but no releases. Virtually unknown out of their hometown, the Crush released their classic debut on Lethal records, A World of Pain. Even their own label at the time (lethal) chose to ignore them, and instead chose to promote their better known acts like HFL, China White and Chuck. The World Of Pain CD ended up on Flipside's best of 1995 OC records lists as the Number 2 record, behind only the US Bombs and ahead of the Stitches 8 X 12 album.

From Plan To Progress - Discography

Genre: Melodic Hardcore / Skate Punk
Country: England, Brighton 

From Plan To Progress are a melodic hardcore band based in sunny Brighton town U.K and formed from school friends all with a mutual love of sing along punk.

Kid Armor - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: USA, Mission Viejo, CA 

Mission Viejo's Kid Armor set out in 2010 to put straight edge back on the map in South Orange County. With a sound inspired as much by 80s hardcore (Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat) as by the punkrock legacy of their area (Adolescents, Agent Orange, Fear), the band started playing around and released a first demo in the beginning of 2012.

Losing Must - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: Denmark, Copenhagen 

Copenhagen band Losing Must plays melodic skatepunk. Better known through bands like Pennywise, Millencolin and Bad Religion. The text universe moves within "everyday life" to political issues, but the common thing is that it has a positive approach. The Losing Must consists of four members, all grown up with skatepunk in their walkman.


Oxymoron - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Street Punk
Country: Germany, Erlangen 

Oxymoron was called into being in late 1992 actually, although the roots of the band go back further to the fall of 1989. Formed by Sucker and his drumming cousin Bjoern and completed by their mates Martin on the guitar and Filzlaus on the bass the original line-up needed a couple of years and various efforts to see the light of the day under the name Oxymoron.

Hold X True - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: Hungary, Budapest 

The band has existed since 1997 the original line-up was Madar (Roland Vancsics) playing guitar, Nemo (Sandor Nemeth) playing bass and Sponge drumming. At that time they ran under the name Aljas Reason. Then, because someone had to sing, in June 98, One (Zsolt Akac) joined. The first demo came out in 99 at 1000-1, featuring 15 Hungarian songs for a total of 18 minutes, most reminiscent of Unit Pride, Up Front or Wide Awake. At that time there were first shows, then in 2000 came the second demo (Actions Instead of Words), which already featured both English and Hungarian songs, a total of 8. After the demo, Szivacs quit and two months later Ati (Attila Illes), singer-bassist of Seven Days A Week, took his place. Then they took on another co-guitarist, Yoda (Laszlo Toth), and then gave the formation a new name, Moon X True.

Neck Deep - Discography

Genre: Pop Punk
Country: Wales, Wrexham 

Neck Deep is a Welsh pop punk band from Wrexham who formed in 2012 when vocalist Ben Barlow met former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts. The pair posted a song ("What Did You Expect?") online under the name Neck Deep. The song soon gained attention online, resulting in the addition of rhythm guitarist Matt West, drummer Dani Washington/Abasi, and former bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans. They released a pair of EPs, Rain in July (2012) and A History of Bad Decisions (2013), both recorded by Barlow's older brother, before signing with Hopeless in August 2013.

Ces Gens La - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: France, Compiegne 

Punk Rock band from France, Compiegne.


Cheap Sex - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Street Punk
Country: USA, San Diego, CA 

Cheap Sex is an American street punk band formed in December 2002, based in San Diego, California. Besides releasing three albums, the band participated in some compilations, including the Pure Punk Rock DVD, released by Punk Core Records, also featuring Action, The Casualties, Blood or Whiskey, Defiance, The Havoc, Lower Class Brats, The Messengers, The Scarred and The Virus, the last one being Mike Virus previous band.

One X More - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: Belgium, Wortel 

One X More was started in 1996 in the small village Wortel in Belgium, a few kilometres from the border with the Netherlands. Two brothers and two friends got together to start an old school hardcore band, quite unique in a country known for it's many metal-orientated sXe and hardcore-bands. Brothers Sis and Jan took up guitar and bass, Tim became the vocalist and Krist the drummer.

Gumbles - Discography

Genre: Oi! Punk
Country: Germany, Mecklenburg 

Gumbles are a Mecklenburg Oi! Punk band, which formed in 2001 from the fragments of the famous Schwerin choral troupe Altmarkt Killer.

Dirty Artichokes - Discography

Genre: Celtic Punk / Folk Punk
Country: Italy, Torino 

The origins of Dirty Artichokes see four cousins from time to time trying to have fun by strumming. The thing takes shape when they are joined together by other elements; one thing is certain, the basic idea is Irish music and the goal is to be able to combine it with more modern instruments and rock and punk sounds. Here, violin, mandolin, guitar and flute are combined with drums, bass and electric guitar, all dominated by a rough, drunken and aggressive voice: the Artichokes were born. Articioc, artichaut, artichokes, artiskok, artisjok, artischocke, artskocka. Starting from the Piedmontese, passing from French, English, Dutch and German to get to Swedish, the word artichoke is very similar in many European countries.


Ruiner - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: USA, Baltimore, MD 

Founded in 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland, Ruiner came from a humble beginning. The band got together and released their first demo in 2004, then released two more EPs and toured the East Coast and Midwest several times. Ruiner played more than 200 concerts in the first year and half of its existence, and in the second year the group went to Europe for 31 concerts in 10 different countries. Their hard work paid off when Bridge Nine Records took note and released their debut full-length debut, Prepare To Be Letout, in 2007. With publications like Stuff Magazine singing their praises, you won’t be disappointed. When your full recording lasts only 21 minutes, you must do every second of the countdown; and this hardcore outfit in Baltimore did just that. Ruiner continued to travel around the world in his tried and true DIY fashion, setting off on a journey with everyone from pulling his teeth ”to“ sinking ships ”and“ Broadway calls.

Time Again - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: USA, Los Angeles, CA 

Time Again is a band from Los Angeles, California which is represented in the band's songs and album art. The band was formed in the summer of 2004 by Daniel Dart, Elijah Reyes. Before they even had a full band or a single song written, they began printing stickers and flyers for Time Again to heavily promote their band, resulting in numerous shows being booked. Time Again only came together as a full band a few days before their first show.

Nikson - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: Hungary, Gyor 

Nikson is a 4 piece band formed in 2005 in Gyor, Hungary. Their sound and attitude could be named like a mix of punkrock and melodycore with the 90's punk and hardcore influences and modern pop. The band started to promote itself in october of 2006 when they recorded they first demo/EP called „Somewhere Between Here and There”. In the october of 2008 they first full-lenght LP album „So Far From Home” has been released in Hungary and in the USA. This means 12 songs filled with passion, love, and hate. The album was a success and a good start for Nikson to begin touring outside their home country.

Osker - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Pop Punk
Country: USA, Los Angeles, CA 

Osker was a punk trio active in the late 1990s and early 2000s in the United States, in Los Angeles, CA. They were signed to Epitaph Records until their breakup in 2002. Their debut album Treatment 5 was given a positive review of 3/5 by Allmusic, who wrote "Treatment 5, Osker's debut album, is a rather typical release for the Epitaph label -- aggressive punk with unhinged, snotty vocals and lyrics that alternate between goofy humor and angst-filled catharsis."


Bane - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: USA, Worcester, MA 

Bane was an American hardcore punk band that began in 1995 as a side project between Aaron Dalbec (then of Converge) and Damon Bellardo. Dalbec approached Matt Firestone to sing and they played under the moniker of Gateway for a few shows, before Firestone parted ways to focus on other projects. Dalbec then approached Aaron Bedard (who had previously sung for the Worcester, Massachusetts hardcore band Backbone) about singing for Bane.

Virus - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Street Punk
Country: USA, Philadelphia, PA 

The Virus is a Punk Rock / Streetpunk band originally from Philadelphia, PA (USA).
The band was formed in 1998 and after numerous line up changes, releases, and tours, was disbanded in 2004. The band reformed in 2013 and began to play and tour again.

Tracy Gang Pussy - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Pop Punk
Country: France, Paris 

It all started in 2002, when a rock guitarist with the name Revlon, who was in love with the Scandinavian R'n'R and American glam, decided to stir up his first crazy punk band in France. It took about a year of searching the streets of Paris and second-class strip clubs. Finally the right people were found, they were Tracy Gang Pussy. The guys, who soon recorded two demos, went to conquer the small bars and taverns of the French capital. The first album "Born to lose, live to win" was released in 2004. It contained 11 tracks of glam punk & roll, which can be easily recognized by Backyard Babies or The Hellacopters, also built on a Ramones square. The new longplay "Black" was recorded in 4 days in Paris by Francis Caste and released by Apokalypse Records in 2005. It was a clear energetic and raw punk rock with a gloomy sound, devastating with the power of new songs!

Bigwig - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: USA, Nutley, NJ 

Bigwig is a punk rock band from New Jersey, formed in 1995. They were originally composed of Josh Farrell (guitar), John Castaldo (bass), Tom Petta (guitar/vocals), and Dan Rominski (drums). Bigwig have performed with such bands as Pennywise, Less Than Jake, Blink-182, The Ataris, The Vandals, New Found Glory, No Use for a Name, NOFX, The Suicide Machines, Agnostic Front, Lagwagon, and Reel Big Fish. Following the release of their 2001 album Invitation To Tragedy, both Josh Farrell and Tom Petta have received producers credits on several well known albums. Tom Petta has most recently produced the new record entitled For Heaven's Sake by Canadian punk rock band Only Way Back.