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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком Crossover. Показать все сообщения


Neutral - 2019 - Utopia De Los Inocentes

Year: 2019
Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover
Country: Colombia, Bello 
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps


Cut Lon - 2019 - Xao Ke

Year: 2019
Genre: Hardcore Punk / Crossover
Country: Vietnam, Hanoi 
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps


Capaces - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Crossover
Country: Spain, Barcelona 

The Capaces from Barcelona are probably one of europe's most exceptional and outstanding Punk bands. Founded in 1999, they are playing their furious mix of Punk, Hardcore and Rock'n'Roll with for more than 15 years now!


Ratos De Porao - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk / Crossover
Country: Brazil, Sao Paulo 

Ratos de Porao, or simply RxDxPx, was formed in November 1981, existing in the Brazilian (Sao Paulo city) punk rock scene (alongside bands such as Olho Seco, Colera, Inocentes, Garotos Podres, and Lobotomia). Directly influenced by the UK 82 hardcore bands such as Discharge, Charged G.B.H., The Varukers and Swedish and Finnish bands such as Anti-Cimex and Kaaos, they started to write songs that criticized Brazilian society, a revolutionary concept at the time. Their sound is regarded as one of the rawest of their scene (because other bands such as Colera and Garotos Podres were more punk rock sounding than hardcore punk).


Spirit Crusher - 2019 - Whispers Against The Roar Of The World

Year: 2019
Genre: Hardcore / Crossover / sXe
Country: Germany, Dortmund 
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps


Broken Bones - Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk / Punk Rock / Crossover
Country: England, Stoke On Trent 

The sound of Broken Bones is the sound of punk at its most primal, the crashing roar of wild, wild youth taken to limits even the Sex Pistols never dreamed of. When the band formed in 1983, punk may not have been dead, but it was certainly dying. Then Broken Bones came along and the reverberations are still being felt today, in the battle cries of Bad Religion and the swagger of Rancid, in the white heat of Slayer and the debauchery of Ministry. Some people have called Broken Bones one of the biggest Hardcore bands of all time and one of the most vital, various U.S. mega-bands such as Metallica have even acknowledged them as one of their influences.

Crucifier - Discography

Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover
Country: Greece, Athens 

The Crucifier was formed in February of 1995 by Hlias "Thanatoid" Kyriazis (vocals) and Giorgos Kyriazis (bass guitar) in Athens, Greece. With 3 demos (1995 - Infernal Pain / 1996 - Totally Madness / 1998 - Fear is your Mind) 2 Ep's (2001 - Innocent World / 2004 - Escape or Die!) and a full length album "2002 - Merciless Conviction" after several changes in the line-up, the band recorded the second full length "2006 - Cursed Cross".


Biohazard - Live in Viva Overdrive, Cologne, Germany 2003

01. Love Denied
02. Urban Discipline
03. Black And White And R
04. These Eyes
05. Never Forgive Never Forget


Accused AD - 2019 - The Ghoul In The Mirror

Genre: Crossover / Thrash Metal
Year: 2019
Country: USA, Seattle, WA


Western Death - 2019 - Sick Century

Artist: Western Death
Album: Sick Century
Year: 2019
Genre: Hardcore Punk / Crossover
Country: Canada, Medicine Hat


Revolve - 2019 - Dragged Into Extinction

Artist: Revolve
Album: Dragged Into Extinction
Genre: Hardcore / Crossover
Year: 2019
Country: Scotland, Glasgow


Suicidal Tendencies - 2018 - Still Cyco Punk After All These Years

Artist: Suicidal Tendencies
Album: Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Genre: Hardcore Punk / Crossover
Year: 2018
Country: USA, Venice, CA


Corrosion Of Conformity - 2019 - Demos And Comp Tracks

Artist: Corrosion Of Conformity
Album: Demos And Comp Tracks
Genre: Hardcore Punk / Crossover
Year: 2019
Country: USA, Raleigh, NC