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Bigwig - Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: USA, Nutley, NJ 

Bigwig is a punk rock band from New Jersey, formed in 1995. They were originally composed of Josh Farrell (guitar), John Castaldo (bass), Tom Petta (guitar/vocals), and Dan Rominski (drums). Bigwig have performed with such bands as Pennywise, Less Than Jake, Blink-182, The Ataris, The Vandals, New Found Glory, No Use for a Name, NOFX, The Suicide Machines, Agnostic Front, Lagwagon, and Reel Big Fish. Following the release of their 2001 album Invitation To Tragedy, both Josh Farrell and Tom Petta have received producers credits on several well known albums. Tom Petta has most recently produced the new record entitled For Heaven's Sake by Canadian punk rock band Only Way Back.


Bigwig - Live in Embassy Hotel, London, Ontario 28.06.2000

01. Still
02. Dent
03. Pro-Life Taker
04. Freegan
05. Waste
06. Smile
07. Numbers
08. Cheers
09. Best Of Me
10. Girl in the Green Jacket
11. Stand
13. Sellout

Bigwig - Live in Casino Skate Park, Asbury Park, NJ 1999

01. Pro-Life Taker
02. Waste
03. Smile
04. Your In Sample
05. Stops
06. Sloop John B
07. Cheers

Bigwig - Live in Rock Planet, Italy 19.10.2003

01. Numbers
02. Sink Or Swim
03. Still
04. Mr.Asshole
05. Moosh
06. Sore Losers
07. Counting Down