The Oppressed - 2019 - The Oppressed (Originals)

Year: 2019
Genre: Oi! Punk
Country: Wales, Cardiff 
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 283,14 MB
Site: Facebook
Support: Bandcamp
01. Work Together (Roddy Moreno)
02. The AFA Song (Roddy Moreno)
03. Crucify The Police (Roddy Moreno)
04. I Don't Wanna (Roddy Moreno)
05. Skinhead Times (Roddy Moreno)
06. White Flag 'Roddy Vocal' (Roddy Moreno)
07. This Machine (Roddy Moreno)
08. We're The Oppressed (Roddy Moreno)
09. Don't Look Back (Roddy Moreno)
10. Fight For Your Life (Roddy Moreno)
11. Gun Law (Roddy Moreno)
12. Government Out (Roddy Moreno)
13. Riot (Roddy Moreno)
14. Same Old Story (Roddy Moreno)
15. Fuck Em All (Roddy Moreno)
16. Joe Hawkins (Roddy Moreno)
17. Hooligans (Roddy Moreno)
18. Magistrate (Roddy Moreno)
19. Government (Roddy Moreno)
20. It Ain't Right (Roddy Moreno)
21. Leave Me Alone (Roddy Moreno)
22. Nobody's Fool (Roddy Moreno)
23. That's Alright (Roddy Moreno)
24. Urban Soldiers (Roddy Moreno)
25. Victims (Roddy Moreno)
26. Violent Society (Roddy Moreno)
27. Low Life (Roddy Moreno)
28. Paedophile (Roddy Moreno)
29. CF3 (Roddy Moreno)
30. Ultra Violence (Roddy Moreno)
31. Football Violence (Roddy Moreno)
32. Sleeping With The Enemy (Roddy Moreno)
33. Run From You (Roddy Moreno)
34. Fuck Fascism (Roddy Moreno)
35. Remember (Roddy Moreno)
36. United We Stand (Roddy Moreno)
37. When I Was Young (Roddy Moreno)
38. Nazi Nightmare (Roddy Moreno)
39. Nazi Skinhead (Roddy Moreno)
40. Substitute AFA (Roddy Moreno)
41. No Justice (Roddy Moreno)
42. BNP 'You're Full Of Shit' (Roddy Moreno)
43. Blue Army (Roddy Moreno)
44. Bluebirds Unite (Roddy Moreno)
45. Cardiff Born (Roddy Moreno)
46. The Greatest Cardiff Rip Off (Roddy Moreno)
47. 5-4-3-2-1 (Roddy Moreno)

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